vrijdag 21 november 2008

Lady in red

Wearing: shirt; Zara, dress; River Island, jacket; hm, legging; WE

zondag 2 november 2008


Just an outfit picture 'cause I'm soooo busy at the moment!

Wearing: top: h&m, jeans, cardigan, gilet; Zara, shoes; Minnetonka

vrijdag 24 oktober 2008




Yesterday I went with some friends to The Hague for an exhibition from Erwin Olaf. This photographer is very succesfull and I am a big fan of his work.

His pictures are recognizable for their styled perfection but behind this perfection there is this atmosphere of sadness. Some photos look like paintings, very amazing.
In this exhibition there were four of his latest series, Rain, Hope, Grief and Fall.
This man is a genious.
Because I had an appointment later that day back in Amsterdam I walked back alone and made some pictures on my way to the central station. They were building there and the machines they used were looking if they came out of an earlier century. With a lot of noise and steam.

I'm always fascinated by (old) industry because of the shapes and size of these machines, buildings and so on.. Quite weird, I know ...
Clothes: dress (roxy), belt (h&m), fake fur little coat (?), cardigan (zipper), panty (hema), shoes (sascha), bag (thailand)

maandag 13 oktober 2008


House of model Daria Werbowy by Derek Kettela
I really like the athmosphere of Daria's house. So much light and space, filled with vintage furniture and memories of her journeys, shows and shoots.
And she can draw amazing!

maandag 6 oktober 2008

Fashion love*

This is why I love fashion.. These six designers just blowed me away.

The exotic, strong dresses from Alexander Mcqueen with amazing structures and shapes.

Balmain made the perfect combination of being a sweet girl with a tough and independent side. Best of both worlds.. Love the jeans and the blazers.

Chloé's pastel colors and high waisted skirts and trousers are so feminine and strong. I really liked the black jumpsuit.

Shame on me but I had never heard of Collette Dinnigan before but with this collection I'm not afraid I'll forget her. Her dresses were soo beautiful, the girly flowers and butterflies and the edgy short black dresses with studs totally rock.

Mister John Galliano did it again, his collection looked like a modern Marie Antoinette.
Absolutely adore the bright, candy looking colors.

And then Narciso Rodriquez, lots of black and white ensembles, amazing blazers, dresses and leggings. I loved the shapes and lining, so strong and fierce.

Yeah, fashion makes me happy :)

*Click to enlarge

vrijdag 3 oktober 2008

Miss Irina

Irina Lazareanu by Chris Craymer
I absolutely adore (these pictures of) Irina Lazareanu, she's not just gorgoues but she also has a really strong personality and at the same time their is something childish around her.
She really belong to one of my favourite models.
Who's your favourite model?

donderdag 25 september 2008




(Model: 3x Sanne)

These pictures I made for an assignment I had to make for school.
We had to style the white shirt for three different magazines with the same target group.
I choose the Vice, Code and Blend and photographed my friend Sanne in three different scenes.
When we had to show our work this week, almost everybody in my class came up with shopping pages so I didn't know if the teacher would except my work.
But when I showed my pictures she was very satisfied about it. She told us we had to chose a person who did the best job and I couldn't believe it but I won!
Best of all, my teacher (which I really look up to 'cause she work(ed) for Nike, Levi and so on) agreed I deserved to win!
I was really happy because my dream is to become a (fashion) photographer or a fashion editor. I still now that's really hard but things like this keep me motivated to hopefully reach my goal!

PS. The price was a celebration box..yummy!

vrijdag 19 september 2008

My work

Title: 'Lentekriebels' (meaning: exciting for spring)

Title: 'Skysearching'

These are two of my works which can be buyed on an online gallery; http://www.fraaai.nl/ .
It al started last year when I sent the first picture to a newspaper (Nrc next.) which has an photo column called 'click', which you can send photo's to if it's fit with the theme.

That week the subject was: 'this can be in the museum'. I send the first picture and the next week I was on a vacation but my roomy send me an sms with the lines:'your picture is in the Nrc next'. It was such a great feeling!

A few weeks after the owner of fraaai.nl approached me and she asked if I had more work and I send both pictures to her. Now the site is online for a couple of weeks so I'm really curious if someone (except for my parents hihi) will buy it..I'm afraid not because I can't imagine somebody buying mý work.. But .. nobody can take away the fact that my work is in this gallery!

donderdag 18 september 2008

Sweet memories

The past few weeks I was really busy so I didn't had any time to blog. School has started again but most of my time has gone to become a member of a student society. It was quite heavy but definately worth it.

It's september now and it's allready getting colder.. Luckly I've had great holidays and I have plenty of pictures which remind me of a lovely summer.

With four girls we went to Corsica and discovered this beautiful island. So when I see pictures of this journey I get an instant warm-up!
Wearing: top and shorts: River Island, flip-flops: havianas, head: shop Italy

woensdag 6 augustus 2008

Bella Italia

Last week I joined my parents who were in Italy for one week. We've had a lovely time.
We visit old villages, went to the beach, eat at our adorable appartment in the mountains and ofcourse I did some shopping with my mum.

I've got plenty of pictures, so I guess I'll post a couple of blogs about last week.
Wearing: Dress: Zara, belt: h&m, scarf: market (Thailand), flip-flops: Havianas

zaterdag 26 juli 2008

Fall in love with the ...

I was so busy last week with working and going out and stuff that I wasn't able to blog..

But I really want to show my new shoes which I totally adore. I bought them last sunday and actually I was only seeking for the flat ones, but when I stepped in the River Island and saw there was a huge discount on their shoes I could not hold myself from buying more..

So I bought these trés chique, light brown heels which have this french attitude and are great under my new white hotpants with golden accents and a blue/white striped shirt to complete the sailor look :).

Then my eye fell on a messy corner where I saw the shoe I hoped finding. In my head I was thinking of black gladiator heels but when I saw these purple ones I thought these where even better. So I bought two pair of heels for the best price ever.

But when I had the heels I knew I still wanted the flat, boyish shoes I've had seen at Sacha so I went their and there was just one left over in my size which I bought immediately..

I still can't believe I bought three pair of shoes I really adore in one day for such a good price.
Tomorrow I finally go on holiday to Italy for one week so I'll be able to wear all my summer dresses, hot pants and ofcourse my new shoes and worship the Italian sun.

zaterdag 19 juli 2008

I believe in miracles

I'm kind of tired because I partied and worked a lot last week, besides that I'm feeling a couple of butterflies in my belly which make me in a dreamy mood today.

In the Voque (UK) I saw this adorable shoot with Agyness Deyn photographed by Tim Walker.
It's about dreaming of home and the country side. Though I'm very, véry happy living in Amsterdam for one year now I did grew up in a small village. I had a lovely childhood untill I became a teenager and wanted to break out as soon as possible haha.

But last week I was at my parents house because of a big event in a city near by and I've had a great time.. Home sweet home !
Outfitl; top: Vila, cardigan: H&M