vrijdag 24 oktober 2008




Yesterday I went with some friends to The Hague for an exhibition from Erwin Olaf. This photographer is very succesfull and I am a big fan of his work.

His pictures are recognizable for their styled perfection but behind this perfection there is this atmosphere of sadness. Some photos look like paintings, very amazing.
In this exhibition there were four of his latest series, Rain, Hope, Grief and Fall.
This man is a genious.
Because I had an appointment later that day back in Amsterdam I walked back alone and made some pictures on my way to the central station. They were building there and the machines they used were looking if they came out of an earlier century. With a lot of noise and steam.

I'm always fascinated by (old) industry because of the shapes and size of these machines, buildings and so on.. Quite weird, I know ...
Clothes: dress (roxy), belt (h&m), fake fur little coat (?), cardigan (zipper), panty (hema), shoes (sascha), bag (thailand)

2 opmerkingen:

Mimi zei

The 2nd pic is stunning.Nude looks always so nice.

ashleigh zei

stunning photos! i'm a massive sucker for exhibits, but our biggest and by far best gallery is so far away