vrijdag 19 september 2008

My work

Title: 'Lentekriebels' (meaning: exciting for spring)

Title: 'Skysearching'

These are two of my works which can be buyed on an online gallery; http://www.fraaai.nl/ .
It al started last year when I sent the first picture to a newspaper (Nrc next.) which has an photo column called 'click', which you can send photo's to if it's fit with the theme.

That week the subject was: 'this can be in the museum'. I send the first picture and the next week I was on a vacation but my roomy send me an sms with the lines:'your picture is in the Nrc next'. It was such a great feeling!

A few weeks after the owner of fraaai.nl approached me and she asked if I had more work and I send both pictures to her. Now the site is online for a couple of weeks so I'm really curious if someone (except for my parents hihi) will buy it..I'm afraid not because I can't imagine somebody buying mý work.. But .. nobody can take away the fact that my work is in this gallery!

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MR style zei

that's fantastic !! i even wanna post this on my blog !!

melmo zei

that's great! you did a great job. congratulations!

Alice Point zei

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I am linking you too:)

Ps. I like Jason Mraz too:)

The Stylish Wanderer zei


bear zei

these are really awesome! congratulations!!

lara zei

congrats!! Love these!!

Isa zei

wow, this is so great, I really admire you!
in my opinion there´s nothing better than receiving praise and commendation for things you really put in all your heart and effort!

great shoes are nice too, though.;)

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion zei

that is really cool art

Y zei

The first one looks awesome I love bright colours. I really like your blog - mind if we exchange links? I'll put you on right now.

WendyB zei

Very nice!

yiqin; zei

The first picture is so damn beautiful! I love the flamingo! It is a flamingo right?!?

Diana Coronado zei

Yeii !!

J'♥ colour !!, great pics !!

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