zaterdag 26 juli 2008

Fall in love with the ...

I was so busy last week with working and going out and stuff that I wasn't able to blog..

But I really want to show my new shoes which I totally adore. I bought them last sunday and actually I was only seeking for the flat ones, but when I stepped in the River Island and saw there was a huge discount on their shoes I could not hold myself from buying more..

So I bought these trés chique, light brown heels which have this french attitude and are great under my new white hotpants with golden accents and a blue/white striped shirt to complete the sailor look :).

Then my eye fell on a messy corner where I saw the shoe I hoped finding. In my head I was thinking of black gladiator heels but when I saw these purple ones I thought these where even better. So I bought two pair of heels for the best price ever.

But when I had the heels I knew I still wanted the flat, boyish shoes I've had seen at Sacha so I went their and there was just one left over in my size which I bought immediately..

I still can't believe I bought three pair of shoes I really adore in one day for such a good price.
Tomorrow I finally go on holiday to Italy for one week so I'll be able to wear all my summer dresses, hot pants and ofcourse my new shoes and worship the Italian sun.

zaterdag 19 juli 2008

I believe in miracles

I'm kind of tired because I partied and worked a lot last week, besides that I'm feeling a couple of butterflies in my belly which make me in a dreamy mood today.

In the Voque (UK) I saw this adorable shoot with Agyness Deyn photographed by Tim Walker.
It's about dreaming of home and the country side. Though I'm very, véry happy living in Amsterdam for one year now I did grew up in a small village. I had a lovely childhood untill I became a teenager and wanted to break out as soon as possible haha.

But last week I was at my parents house because of a big event in a city near by and I've had a great time.. Home sweet home !
Outfitl; top: Vila, cardigan: H&M

vrijdag 18 juli 2008

Drops and Dolls

It should be summer, but it's cold and it's raining for days now. Can't wear my summerdresses like the way I want them to wear and I can forget about getting a tan untill I go on vacation next week..
Really looking forward to the Italian sun !
After going to Italy with my parents, I'm going to Corsica (France) with friends so I'm sure the summerspirit will reach me after all.

I also would love to go to London, not only for shopping but especially to see my Dutch heroes, Viktor and Rolf, who have a wonderfull exhibition in the Barbican Art Gallery.

In 'The House of Viktor and Rolf' they show amazing dolls wearing a selection of their creations from the last 15 years. Just visit the website and you'll see the magic happens!
For now I'll leave you with a picture of the outfit I wore yesterday..
Most of the time, I'm the one who's making pictures so I'm not really good at taking poses as you can see..

donderdag 17 juli 2008

Brand New

This is my first blog ever if I don't count my travelblog from a year ago.
I study Fashion & Branding now for one year and although it's tough sometimes, I l.o.v.e it! Other things I like are photography, art, (fashion)Magazines, travelling, music and so on..
Here I'll post things which inspiring me or what I've seen, read etc.
Maybe I'll post some outfit pictures as well ..
Apologize for my English, I'm a Dutchy so I'm sure I'll make mistakes in my writing.