maandag 6 oktober 2008

Fashion love*

This is why I love fashion.. These six designers just blowed me away.

The exotic, strong dresses from Alexander Mcqueen with amazing structures and shapes.

Balmain made the perfect combination of being a sweet girl with a tough and independent side. Best of both worlds.. Love the jeans and the blazers.

ChloƩ's pastel colors and high waisted skirts and trousers are so feminine and strong. I really liked the black jumpsuit.

Shame on me but I had never heard of Collette Dinnigan before but with this collection I'm not afraid I'll forget her. Her dresses were soo beautiful, the girly flowers and butterflies and the edgy short black dresses with studs totally rock.

Mister John Galliano did it again, his collection looked like a modern Marie Antoinette.
Absolutely adore the bright, candy looking colors.

And then Narciso Rodriquez, lots of black and white ensembles, amazing blazers, dresses and leggings. I loved the shapes and lining, so strong and fierce.

Yeah, fashion makes me happy :)

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5 opmerkingen:

Toni Alexis zei

Nice Post! I <3 Chloe

Shoshi zei

John Galliano and Balmain blew me away, in different ways. Great blog by the way :) Wanna exchange links?

yiqin; zei

Galliano almost never dissapoint me! Balmain too! zei

i really really need to catch up on my runwayshow stalking.

ashleigh zei

oh my lord. these collages are going straight to my inspiration board. you totally pulled the best bits :)

i agree with everything. they totally blew me away aswell! love love love!