donderdag 18 september 2008

Sweet memories

The past few weeks I was really busy so I didn't had any time to blog. School has started again but most of my time has gone to become a member of a student society. It was quite heavy but definately worth it.

It's september now and it's allready getting colder.. Luckly I've had great holidays and I have plenty of pictures which remind me of a lovely summer.

With four girls we went to Corsica and discovered this beautiful island. So when I see pictures of this journey I get an instant warm-up!
Wearing: top and shorts: River Island, flip-flops: havianas, head: shop Italy

9 opmerkingen:


aww you guys look so sweet and Corsica looks like fun (:

Mimi zei

wow seems like an amazing time. Now I really wanna escape into the sun!

lara zei

awesome pictures!! I love every single photo

Alice Point zei

Nice pictures, summer atmosphere makes me feel good:)

dancing tullulah zei

Thats great we have the same quote. I ripped it out from a magazine years ago and stuck it on my wall.

I love you photo's they are filled with such beautiful colours.

Anoniem zei

Love those colorful pictures!

yiqin; zei

I want a big floppy hat too1 You wear it so well!! & NICE MUSIC <333 Jason mraz is so awesome.

Jillian zei

what a beautiful day! you look like u had a wonderful time and i love your shorts!
thank you for sharing that with us!

Podszewka zei

Very nice pictrs....full of colours...optimistic...I wish to be there:)