donderdag 25 september 2008




(Model: 3x Sanne)

These pictures I made for an assignment I had to make for school.
We had to style the white shirt for three different magazines with the same target group.
I choose the Vice, Code and Blend and photographed my friend Sanne in three different scenes.
When we had to show our work this week, almost everybody in my class came up with shopping pages so I didn't know if the teacher would except my work.
But when I showed my pictures she was very satisfied about it. She told us we had to chose a person who did the best job and I couldn't believe it but I won!
Best of all, my teacher (which I really look up to 'cause she work(ed) for Nike, Levi and so on) agreed I deserved to win!
I was really happy because my dream is to become a (fashion) photographer or a fashion editor. I still now that's really hard but things like this keep me motivated to hopefully reach my goal!

PS. The price was a celebration box..yummy!

vrijdag 19 september 2008

My work

Title: 'Lentekriebels' (meaning: exciting for spring)

Title: 'Skysearching'

These are two of my works which can be buyed on an online gallery; .
It al started last year when I sent the first picture to a newspaper (Nrc next.) which has an photo column called 'click', which you can send photo's to if it's fit with the theme.

That week the subject was: 'this can be in the museum'. I send the first picture and the next week I was on a vacation but my roomy send me an sms with the lines:'your picture is in the Nrc next'. It was such a great feeling!

A few weeks after the owner of approached me and she asked if I had more work and I send both pictures to her. Now the site is online for a couple of weeks so I'm really curious if someone (except for my parents hihi) will buy it..I'm afraid not because I can't imagine somebody buying mý work.. But .. nobody can take away the fact that my work is in this gallery!

donderdag 18 september 2008

Sweet memories

The past few weeks I was really busy so I didn't had any time to blog. School has started again but most of my time has gone to become a member of a student society. It was quite heavy but definately worth it.

It's september now and it's allready getting colder.. Luckly I've had great holidays and I have plenty of pictures which remind me of a lovely summer.

With four girls we went to Corsica and discovered this beautiful island. So when I see pictures of this journey I get an instant warm-up!
Wearing: top and shorts: River Island, flip-flops: havianas, head: shop Italy