vrijdag 15 mei 2009

These Nikes are made for walking!

I'm not really a sneaker kind of girl but when I'm in a relaxed, tomboyish mood I wear my sneakers (rabbit print!) with proud.
When these kick-some-ass Nikes where mine it would be a different story 'cause I think you can style these sneakers in a million ways.
They belong to Natalie Wood designer from Something Else (stunning collections by the way!)

I think my new mission in so find a similar pair!

Picture; theselby.com

6 opmerkingen:

Krystal zei

and those are some fab sneakers!

Delmy zei

I love my Nikes!

McCall zei

those are SO cool!!

Claudia zei

o dang i love those

Rosanna zei

these are fab!!!!


C zei

hot nikes!!

i hope you have a great vacation...wish i could go to the beach :(