maandag 18 mei 2009

Peek a boo

I live in an appartment in Amsterdam, together with a girl I know since highschool.
We both have or own sleeping room, one (small!!) bathroom, a kitchen and a lovely livingroom..

My appartment is very clean and well organised, unfortunately my room isn't..
It is clean, but messy with all the stuff laying around, I always blame it on school (I study fashion, so my room is full of magazines and images laying around everywhere) but I guess it's just a part of me.
That's also why the rest of my apartment is very organised, otherwise I would go mad..

See for yourself, a peek a boo in my room :)
By the way..tomorrow I'm leaving to Mexico for one week!! I'm sooooo excited!!
Messy me in the mirror..
(Wearing; snakeprint skinny's; zara, tunic, gilet; both bershka

My own mini cooper!

My ballroom dress I wore 2 weeks ago, love it!

My mom and me in Costa Rica (2006), two paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci my mother gave me.

An other Mona Lisa (my mum collect it all for me)

My red wall with some adds, a picture of me when I was on my backpack journey in Thailand two years ago, the cat painting made by me and the painting of the woman is made by my niece.

My lovely second hand bed

I Love Lee Stafford products!

My shoessss!

Some of my magazines!

This jewellery box made my mum for me for my 20th birthday

My guardian angels

My favourite spot, my desktop with my board of inspiration/cards etc.

7 opmerkingen:

A little Princess zei

You're going to Mexico! I'm so envious! Your apartment looks fantastic too xoxo

JT zei

awww you're soo cute and pretty!!
Love these photos, helps us get to know you better dear!xoxo


Sydnie zei

That ballroom dress is GORGEOUS! You are so pretty, by the way!


cocorosa zei

haha love it:) mijn kamer is ook zo :) haha

riennahera zei

The ballroom dress looks amazing and you seem very cute.

Ania zei

I love the red wall!
I can see the H&M mag, the xmas issue from some time ago, it had some great pics in it ;)
and - such a gorgeous dress.

McCall zei

i love your inspiration board! =) i def need to start one this summer!