woensdag 26 augustus 2009

San Marco






I visit Venice for about five times because of the Art Bienale. We were there for a week and didn't go to the San Marco in the first place because we've been there before and it's sooooo crowded.
But you can't come to Venice without being on the San Marco, so we did. And yes it was crowded but in the end it's just a beautiful square.
On the bridge of sighs, which is a connection between the old prisons and the Doge's Palace, was a big advertisement from Sisley.
I looooved it, it looked so amazing. The blue sky, the clouds and the models from Sisley against the old white buildings.

Just blew me away.

7 opmerkingen:

charlene zei

the architecture is beautiful. and that ad is so perfect!

love your blog (:

Eva Internazionale zei

I love that Sisley ad. I love Venice! These pics made my evening.

*** zei

I would love to go to Venice!

Diary of a Young Designer zei

wow the buildings are a dream! Lovely!


Anoniem zei

Butiful photos!! I love all of them!

guusvanvugt zei

you have a really great blog, I'll follow!

Adie Andrews zei

There is no any other place on earth with such an incredible architecture like on San Marco.

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