dinsdag 27 januari 2009

Things to love

Just some things I adore/worship/desire/want/like/love..
Painting by John Everett Millais of a girl named Sophie Gray, it's one of the most beautiful realistic portraits of the 19th century.

Mmm, I have to try this one day hihi.
Waffles with banana and chocolate.

Josh for Armani, do I need to say more?

Supersweet clutch

Paris, Je t'aime!
Photo by Steven Meisel (Vogue)

Nailpolish!!! likelikelike (Dansk)

Paillettes, love how they sparlke.
Instant glamour!

Lara Stone by Mario Sorrenti
She rocks.

The Seychellen, one of my dream destinations.

Scarlet, great actress, stunning woman, love her feminine, sophisticated look.

Lovely, dreamy magazine

My mother always send me cards, it's so exciting to see a card on your front door.
Love the stamps from this card ;).
Drawing by Hiroshi Tanabe
Great (fashion) illustrator.

These images give me instant happiness :)
What do you love/like/want/desire?

7 opmerkingen:

Flashes of Style zei

That cupcake clutch is amazing! Wow I would love something like that :)

Noemi Sunshine Ferst zei

I am definitely craving that chocolate/banana waffle.

Allure zei

Beautiful pics! The waffle looks yummy!

Merily zei

Beautiful, beautiful set.

Ivania zei

hiroshi's tekeningen zijn prachtig!

jaime zei

oh i love this post! amazing :)

Poshhh zei

i love your blog! xox