vrijdag 18 juli 2008

Drops and Dolls

It should be summer, but it's cold and it's raining for days now. Can't wear my summerdresses like the way I want them to wear and I can forget about getting a tan untill I go on vacation next week..
Really looking forward to the Italian sun !
After going to Italy with my parents, I'm going to Corsica (France) with friends so I'm sure the summerspirit will reach me after all.

I also would love to go to London, not only for shopping but especially to see my Dutch heroes, Viktor and Rolf, who have a wonderfull exhibition in the Barbican Art Gallery.

In 'The House of Viktor and Rolf' they show amazing dolls wearing a selection of their creations from the last 15 years. Just visit the website http://www.viktor-rolf.com/ and you'll see the magic happens!
For now I'll leave you with a picture of the outfit I wore yesterday..
Most of the time, I'm the one who's making pictures so I'm not really good at taking poses as you can see..

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Y zei

I went to this exhibition! I wrote about it (briefly) on my blog too!